Bath barrel

Bath barrel is great with sauna. Something extraordinary for sure for your party.

With Mielakka sauna or you cand drive it wherever you want

Bath barrel is movable with trailer. You need B-license (normal car) to drive.

Bath barrel is for 8-10 persons. It heats with wood and heating time is 2,5-3 hours.


With Mielakka sauna 120 € / day
With Mielakka sauna and pre-heated 160 € / day (inc. wood)

Rent outside Mielakka
mon-thu 70 € / day
fri-sun 120 € / day
whole weekend (fri-sun) 170 €

Prices inc. VAT 24%

Book bath barrel



If you are about to book also Mielakka sauna, make sure it is free on selected day and make it’s own reservation for the same date.

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