Ski school

You can reserve a private or group ski school appointment from Mielakka Ski rental. Mielakka Ski instructors are on call every Tuesday and Thursday between 5pm and 7pm. On weekends they are on duty in 11am until 3pm. You can ask instruction for other hours from Ski rental.


We are updating our prices for season 23-24.

Mielakka is a Werneri Center

Werneri Ski school is just right for children who want to grow good skiers and boarders!.

SnowWerneri A good age for starting to learn how to ski is when you are 4 years old. Children learn to know their equipment, the ski resort and ski lifts, in addition to learning how to ski with other children. The ski area rules and regulations are an essential part of this course. You learn to turn your skis and control your speed. Enjoy skiing, have fun and improve your skills.

SpeedWerneri is for children, who know how to use the lifts and the ski resort. Skiing and practicing on different slopes will improve your balance and skills. Speed Werneri children are typically 7-10 years old, but age is not a limiting factor.

SnowboardWerneri is a way to have fun – and simultaneously challenge yourself. We start from the basics– and continue improving your skills both on the ski slopes and on the parks and streets. You may also try jumping with Werneri. We recommend this course for those who have turned 8 years old.

Further information please contact Ski rental tel. +35840 1685 233 at resort´s open times.

Ski School terms of delivery

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