Snacks or lunch with coffee on the house! Mielakka catering offers tasty meals for all kinds of occasions in Kouvola region.

Tex Mex buffet

Chicken wings
Chicken / meat fill

Various salads, creme fraiche, salsa, jalopenos, cucumber and carrot sticks

Coffee + House’s cake

25 € /person

Salad buffet of the house

Choose 2 salads

Chicken pasta salad (chicken, pesto pasta, feta cheese, watermelon and arugula)
Potato salad (roasted potato, cherry tomato, red onion, boiled egg, vinaigrette)
Roasted beet and goat cheese
Coleslaw (cabbage, carrot, pineapple, mayonnaise)
Beet glazed with balsamic, cripsty bacon and aragula
Green salad
Mixed seeds
Bread + spread

Coffee + House’s cake

19 € /person

Smoked salmon or marinated chicken 5 € /person
Extra salad 3 € /person


Ham Casserole / Salmon Casserole / Beet and blue cheese casserole / Smoked reindeer casserole

Green salad
Bread + spread

Coffee + House’s cake

17 € /person

Extra salad 3 € /person (see Salad buffet)

Small snacks at the sauna

Three different snacks depending on the day
(notify us of any allergies beforehand)

12 € /person

Chips and candy at the sauna

Potato chips, dip and candy depending on the day (notify us of any allergies beforehand)

8,50 € /person


We make cakes for your occasions

Ask more!

Prices include VAT 14%.

We can also do requests outside of the menu according to your wishes.

For further information

p. +358 40 9000 679 (mon-fri 9-15) or

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